Google pixel 3 xataka

Google pixel 3 xataka

Comparativa de la cámara del Huawei P20 Pro Vs Google Pixel 2 XL

Después de todo un año analizando móviles, probando novedades y comprando personalmente alguno de los modelos, tocaba hacer balance: ¿Qué teléfono regalaríamos los que escribimos en Engadget Mobile? Todo el mundo tiene su favorito, aunque este año los ganadores están muy equilibrados.

2021 no pasará a la historia por ser un año tranquilo y apacible, ya que seguro que lleva adjunta la etiqueta de la pandemia. Aun así, hay un sinfín de noticias positivas que merece la pena destacar; así como multitud de dispositivos que hicieron de 2021 uno de los años más tecnológicos de la historia.

El mes de mayo ha traído más evolución que revolución: el plegado entró en la línea de la gama alta (Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3) y la gama de entrada es cada vez más potente. La segunda parte es la que más hemos destacado en Engadget Mobile.

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Google Pixel 4 the iPhone COMPACT of Android

It has become commonplace in every self-respecting mid-range / high-end mobile. We are talking, of course, about the Portrait mode, a possibility provided by smartphone cameras to get a portrait with a blurred background in a very simple way… With the passage of time the results are getting better and better, but not always the expected is achieved; therefore, do not miss the tips we are going to give below to improve your photos.

But first let’s clarify a few concepts to know what it is and how it works. Because a blur is something relatively easy to achieve with a camera and a bright lens, but not with a cell phone. Starting from all this we will be in a position to better understand how to get the most out of Portrait mode. Let’s get to it.

It is a feature that first appeared on the iPhone 7 Plus thanks to its two cameras and that allowed a blur effect in portraits. An effect performed directly by the terminal creating an illusion of depth of field where the main shot is perfectly sharp and the back shots are blurred.

Pixel 4 XL, analysis: Not only PHOTOGRAPHY lives a GAMA

First of all with Live Transcribe (live transcriber) the system what it does is that it transcribes, as its name suggests, with a clear and large print everything we dictate to the mobile. Our words appear on the screen as a teleprompt to facilitate reading by the other person.

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Its operation is basic but very well executed. When we open the application, it begins to write what it hears in a large and easy to read text, including punctuation marks. It also offers alerts after periods of prolonged pauses or silences, so that if someone starts talking after a period of silence, the utility will cause a vibration on the phone to alert the user.

On the other hand, Sound Amplifier is a function that comes to help people with hearing problems that is responsible for providing a customized adjustment of the various parameters of the mobile speaker. An enhancement that allows you to modify the sound settings to improve hearing ability. It is an improvement that can be accessed through the “Accessibility settings” within the “Settings” of the system.

Analysis Google Pixel 4a, PURE ANDROID ⬅️

On Amazon for 177.65 euros. A mid-range that stands out for its good autonomy and its outstanding screen. In addition, we have dual camera both in its front and rear. And, all this, moved by the efficient Kirin 710.

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4GB+64GB version on eBay for 161.49 euros with the coupon PARATECH. Shipping from Italy and 12 months warranty. One of the most interesting devices in the mid/low range, which stands out for its 6.4-inch SuperAmoled display and its 4000mAh battery. It also has a dual 16+5 megapixel rear camera and a 16 megapixel front camera.

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